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12V 12*3W Wall Mounted LED Swimming Pool Lights

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Product Abstract:

RGB 12*3W Wall Mounted LED Swimming Pool Lights, Size: Φ238mm*H65mm, Φ300mm*H76mm option.

Product Description

RGB 12*3W wall mounted LED swimming pool lighting with stainless steel housing, the IP68 high power 12*3W wall mounted led pool light of size is Φ238mm*H65mm .


Item No. : GL-PL238-12*3W-HP


LED Watteage: 12*3W


LED Spec. : 12pcs*3W high power Edison LEDs(4pcs red+4pcs green+4pcs blue LEDs).


Input Voltage: 12V AC, DC 12V/24V


IP Rating: IP68 waterproof


Light color: RGB, RGB with remote control,R/G/B/Y/W(warm white or cool white) single color option


Control method: Switch off/on control, Internal control, Remote control option


Material: Stainless steel housing


 Dimension: Φ238mm*H65mm


Operating environment: underwater


Lifetime: 50,000Hours


Certification: CE RoHS


Warranty: 1 years






Package: 33*34*11CM


Features of IP68 waterproof RGB 12*3W wall mounted LED swimming pool light, high power 12V 12*3W wall mounted LED pool lamp with stainless steel housing:


•Adopt brightness high power Edison chips,F5 DIP or SMD 5050 as light source and any single color is available, like red, green, blue, yellow, white and RGB colors.


•CE RoHS approved, IP68 waterpoof, 1 years warranty


•Adopt stainless steel as the body shell which is corrosion resistant and quick heat dispelling


•Uses up to 80% less energy than incandescent pool lights, Energy saving and environmental protecting.


•Switch off/on control,Internal control,Remote control option.


Application of wall mounted RGB 12*3W swimming pool lamps, IP68 12*3W wall mounted LED pool lights, 12V RGB high power 12*3W LED pool lighting:


Be suitable of swimming pools, waterfall, fountain, seashore and so on.




•Work with AC 12V, otherwise the high power 12*3W wall mounted led pool light will be possibly damaged .


•This RGB 12*3W wall mounted led pool lamp should be installed not deeper than 100cm underwater.


•The power wire of the lights shall be joined with other power wire out of the water. Waterproof treatment should be done if the joint is in the water otherwise there is risk for water intrusion.


The IP68 waterproof 12*3W wall mounted led swimming pool lamps should be in the water for the test of remote function or other functions, and don't test it more than 3 minutes out of the water otherwise the light will be possibly damaged or caused disfunction. If the user is not available to test it in the water, then please shut off the light every 3 minutes to be cold for the new test.

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