PAR56 LED Swimming Pool Lights

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Par56 LED swimming pool lighting will transform your pool environment. They’re CE RoHS-listed LED pool lights to retrofit virtually any existing pool and spa with vibrant color. These automated, color-changing, LED lights deliver beautiful rich colors.


•Power: 18W,24W,35W,40W with F5 DIP LEDs,

              9W,12W,18W,9*3W,12*3W,18*3W with Edison high power LEDs.

              30W with SMD 5050 LEDs.

•Light color: RGB, RGB with remote, White,Blue,Red,Green

•Material: PC shell or Glass shell

•LED Spec.:Adopt brightness high power Edison chips,F5 DIP or SMD 5050.

•Control method:Switch off/on control,Internal control,Remote control option

•Certificate:CE RoHS approved,1 year warranty.


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