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Golon LED underwater pool lighting offer the latest in surface mounted pool lights, led flat pool light and wall mounted pool light bulbs,  providing the widest spectrum of color choices, Plastic faces may perform better in the inground and above ground swimming pool, led underwater pool light bulbs with pc housing,surface mounted pool lamp,wall mounted swimming pool lighting.

•Power: 18W,24W,35W,40W with F5 DIP LEDs,

               12W,18W,36W,54W with Edison high power LEDs.

               30W with SMD 5050 LEDs.

•Light color: RGB, RGB with remote, multi color RGB, White,Blue,Red,Green

•Material: PC housing, Corrosion free performance

•LED Spec.: Adopt brightness high power Edison chips,F5 DIP or SMD 5050.

•Control method: Switch off/on control,Internal control,Remote control option

•Certificate: CE RoHS approved,1 year warranty.

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