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Replace Par56 LED Swimming Pool Light Bulbs
2013-07-17 16:31:36

How to replace Par56 led swimming pool lights?

Gather the following items: Replacement Par56 LED pool light bulb, flat head screwdrivers, and a couple of dry towels.

Locate your circuit breaker box and shut off all electricity to the pool area.

Now it's time to remove the swimming pool light from its casing, commonly referred to as the Par56 pool light niche or can. Most pool light fixtures are secured to the niche with a single pilot screw at the top of the light. Locate and remove this screw.

Pry the pool light fixture out of the niche. There should be enough extra cord for you to pull the Par56 pool light up onto the pool deck. Note how the excess cord is stored so you can replace it the same way when re-installing the light. Lay the pool light on one of the towels to protect the lens from scraping or breaking on the deck. Use the other towel to dry the light.

To replace Par56 light bulb, you will need to remove the cover. Corrosion may have occurred so use care and the correct tools.

Now check for leaks by placing the light underwater. A few bubbles may float up, but air should not be coming from the sealed outer edges.

Restore the pool light and the excess cord to their original positions. Make sure the screw holes line up correctly.

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