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Compare The Costs Of Traditional Par56 Bulbs With Par56 LED Pool Lights
2013-06-29 09:51:25

Our Par56 LED pool lights can be retro fitted to all below ground pools in most pools across Europe.

Red Blue Green Combi LED Par56 pool light creates 13 multi color selectable fixed colour or colour changing options, all controllable by remote control, switch on/off control and internal control.

Par56 led pool light straight eco replacement for your standard 300/500Watt high consumption low life Par56 bulb. up to 33 times more economical.

Compare the costs of traditional high consumption  Par56 bulbs with Par56 led pool lights:

Cost of lighting pool using Standard 500W bulbs.

Standard 300/500W Pool light 2pcs.

Annual running costs for Standard lights in pool with two Par56 lights: 5 hours/night

Cost of Replacement Par56 pool light Remote controller

Cost of using Par56 LED pool light:

2pcs xMulticolour Par56 LED pool bulbs

Integrated Receiver and remote controller: No Charge!

Pay for the cost of heating your pool by offsetting the costs by reducing the cost of the lighting by replacing your existing pool lights with Par56 LED pool bulbs

 Par56 LED bulbs Technical Specification:

 Replacement PAR56 bulbs

 DIP 252 LEDs,351 LEDs,501 LEDs,552 LEDs option.

SMD5050 144 LEDs,

High power 1/3W Edison chip Par56 LED pool light.

equivalent light output to 300/500W halogen bulb

50 000 hour life

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