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High Power LED Swimming Pool Lights
2013-05-16 09:49:47

Our LED swimming pool lights can also be installed directly on a variety of underwater lights, is the good choice for a variety of fountains, pools and other landscape lighting. our swimming pool lights is a kind of specifications, LED underwater lights have a variety of colors and shape to choose. The discoloration can be changing gradually, changing jumpy, jump gradients and single color.

Features of LED swimming pool light:

1,High quality ultra bright LEDs or super bright high power LEDs with low power consumption, low heat, long life, impact resistance, and high reliability.

2,Red, green, and blue color chips color mixing to produce seven-effects, different occasions to meet the requirements of luminous color. LED pool lights through the built-in microchip control in small engineering applications, can not use controller to achieve a gradual transition, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradient and other dynamic effects can also be controlled by DMX to achieve the same changing.

3, pure color, light uniformity, through smoke, fog and strong. Smoke or fog can clearly see. Is unmatched by any other source.

4, Control method: Switch on/off control, intermal automatic control and by remote control, the customer may freedom choice.

5, easy installation, low maintenance costs

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