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LED multi colour PAR56 swimming pool lamp with many function to upgarde your pool
2013-06-20 09:38:16

The LED multi colour PAR56 swimming pool lamp with memory function and many color changing to provide your pool with a multitude of different fixed colours or a range of colour transitions, control method adopt switch off/on control,internal control and remote control.

This par56 led pool lamp provides a simple inexpensive means of upgrading your pool lighting. Using a combination of super bright red, green and blue LED’s this lamp provides the benefits of low cost operation, only drawing a maximum of 24 watts of power compared to 300 watts using conventional incandescent lamps and the advantage of an extremely long operating life, (50000hrs operation).

This par56 led pool lamp housing has PC and glass option. The par56 pool bulb is a direct replacement for a screw terminal 12 volt AC PAR56 lamp. IP68 waterprooof, CE RoHS listed.

More than one par56 pool lamp may be connected together and as long as all lamps are connected to the same transformer all par56 pool lamps will be synchronized in operation and will change colour modes together, no other external control controllers are required.

The control of the par56 pool lamps colour mode is by simply switching power to the light. When first turned on the par56 pool bulbs resume the last selected program or mode, by turning the power off then back on within 3 seconds, the par56 led bulb advances to the next colour and remains there until you want to change to another colour. If you continue and cycle the power on and off you will advance through the different programs. This is repeated to cycle through the 16 different modes or programs. If the power is turned off for longer than 10 seconds then back on, the par56 lamp returns to the last selected mode. The selected colours are a carefully programmed mix of the Red, Green and blue LED's.

The different single colour modes of the par56 pool lamp are as follows:

White,Blue, Green,Yellow,  Red,

The different changing colour modes are as follows:

Colors changing through the full rainbow by either Slow dimming, Fast dimming, Stepping, Fading out and the last mode cycles thru all the previous modes.

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