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RGB Par56 Pool LED Light color changing modes remotely
2013-07-02 11:48:05

The Par56 swimming pool LED light provides super bright color-changing light that are remote controlled.

All of our Par56 pool lights are waterproof, The Par56 pool LED light is widely used in pool installations requiring a bright pool light that can light up to a 15m pool, The package comes with LED bulb and remote (option). one remote can operate more than one light.

the color of PAR56 LED lights are remote controlled so that one can change not only the color, but also the color changing modes remotely:

Red on

Green on

Blue on

Red green on

Green blue on

Blue red on

RGB on

Red Flash (speed adjustable)

Green Flash (speed adjustable)

Blue Flash (speed adjustable)

Red green  Flash (speed adjustable)

Green blue Flash (speed adjustable)

Blue red  Flash (speed adjustable)

Three-Color jumpy changing speed adjustable

Seven-Color jumpy changing speed adjustable

Three-Color gradual changing speed adjustable

Seven-Color gradual changing speed adjustable

Remote button functions:
Button 1 -- Changes the static color

Button 2 -- Sets the color changing modes

Button 3 -- Sets the speed of flashing through the colors
Button 4 -- On/Off
Par56 LED pool light work with 12V AC power supply provided.
The par56 RGB pool LED light is waterproof IP68 and CE RoHS. The LED remote controller is control the pool light by its built-in receiver.

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