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Replacement LED Par56 Lamps Are Manufactured to The international Standard 'PAR56'
2013-07-01 09:55:48

LED PAR56 Lamps

PAR56 Bulbs for niche-mounted lights - switch operated or remote control

Our Replacement LED lamps are manufactured to the international standard 'PAR56'.

LED PAR56 lamps are exact, direct replacements for the traditional incandescent swimming pool lamps, which are housed in 'niches' in the pool walls, Just remove the old lamp and replace it with your new LED PAR56.You can replace the PAR56 lamps very quickly, without draining the pool.

PAR 56 LED lamps are suitable for swimming Pools, fountains, decorative or display lighting. The Par56 LED lamps come in single or multicolour (RGB) providing a range of colours and effects which can create a special ambience to the pool depending on the users mood or special occasions. The Par56 LED swimming pool light are eco friendly and are big energy savers when compared to traditional halogen Par56 lamps. PAR 56 LED Lights can be installed in existing light fixtures without the need to replace Par 56 niches.

PAR56 RGB LED Swimming Pool Light Bulb (Multicolour) including Remote Control,internal control,switch on/off control.


IP68 waterproof, adopt high bright DIP LED,SMD5050 or Edison high power chips.

High efficiency and high reliability,replacing up to 300W Par56 conventional bulb.

Power Consumption:

swimming pool light bulb, cool white light,12v AC input


Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White,RGB and multi color.


Widely used for large fountain lighting,swimming pool lighting,waterscape lighting,slight lighting etc.

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