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Why LED Underwater Pool Lighting is the Best Choice
2013-06-14 18:33:52

The phenomenon of seeing lights submerged in water is always fascinating.  underwater LED lighting are be widely used in several different ways.

Boating enthusiasts and fishermen have their own needs for reliable underwater LED lighting.  Waters in lakes and oceans are often dark and murky making it very hard to see what’s under water.

Boating enthusiasts know that a large lake and ocean are pretty dark places at night and underwater lights help them to see better beneath those dark waters.  Fishermen who use smaller fishing boats need reliable LED lighting to alert other boaters of their presence.

Now underwater LED lighting is taking the place of traditional submersible lighting and eliminating the problems of the past.

Why Underwater LED Lighting is the Best Choice

Long lifespan – underwater pool lights have the longer lifespan of any other type of traditional pool lights.  They last more than 6 times longer than compact fluorescent lights.  That means less maintenance and replacement costs.

Energy-efficient – LED underwater lights use very little power and at the same time provide brightness, beautiful lighting in white or colors.  You may keep them on while the boat is running to create a stunning light trail in the water.

Easy installation – You can replace your current light source since these underwater bulbs are available in standard sizes.  They last several years (up to 50,000 hours) so it will be a long time before you’ll need to replace underwater pool lights.

Other Uses for Underwater LED Lighting

The same type of lights is used to light pools and ponds in public buildings and in private homes.  There is nothing more beautiful or fun than to have your pool fitted with submersible light.  Pool parties last well into the night because everyone loves swimming in a lit pool.  A lighted pool is also a safety feature since the bottom of the pool is easier to see.

LED underwater lights placed in a pond add to the calming effect of tinkling water and the relaxing movement of koi.  Homeowners enjoy a beautiful evening beside a pond filled with fish and lights.

We have explored the many uses of underwater LED lighting.  Boaters and fishermen use led underwater lights to decorate their boats with white or colored lights and to safely let others know where they are.  Homeowners light their pools and ponds for safety, fun and to create a relaxing mood.

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